Development Plan


Strategically located, on main routes to OR Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg CBD, Sandton and Pretoria; one of the major drivers is ensuring that Modderfontein evolves into a modern  urban centre which links to existing and future transport networks - thus making it a primary choice for buyers looking for land for sale in Johannesburg.

Intended Development

Zendai’s intention is to build a new urban district that includes all the functions of a city, such as finance, trade, logistics, commerce, technology, education, health care and housing. These will be combined with quality infrastructure and living facilities - integrating local culture, heritage and eco-friendly development. Modderfontein will become a city where commercial and societal needs are met in a manner which is beneficial to both.

Integrating industrial development and urban functions in the development is a top priority. The vision is for industrial development to create value for the city and the city to in turn provide character to the area.

Integrated planning, rational layout, systematic construction, optimised allocation of various commercial and living functions and an integrated development environment are all aimed at making Modderfontein a multi-functional city. Diversity will be a focus areafor the Modderfontein development since it will emphasize on merging international elements with authentic African culture.

Considered development is constructed around a framework that acknowledges the realities of our time.

In South Africa these realities dictate that cities and urban areas are growing rapidly as more people leave rural areas to become urbanised work seekers in a crowded urban environment. In many cases this has resulted in areas growing exponentially, as the needs of thousands of arrivals are catered for. Unplanned development, congestion and commuters travelling long distances to work have become everyday features of life. The result in many urban areas has been the growth of urban sprawl - forecasts show that Johannesburg will have a population of 15 million by 2025.

Nowhere is this phenomenon of urban sprawl more evident than in city centres where buildings become overcrowded, people jostle for space on pavements and children play on tarmac instead of grass.

Allied to these societal realities is the growing cost of supplying basic services to cities and towns. It is no longer feasible for a municipality to install and maintain services that cater for a handful of people, relatively speaking. The “cost per head” of installing services becomes prohibitive and this method of service provision ultimately becomes unsustainable.

The accent today is on providing integrated developments where the emphasis is on an environment that is well served by roads, and even rail, allowing mobility and the ability to connect with other infrastructure easily and seamlessly. Sustainability is crucial to the development model, as the company remains invested in the area it develops.

Development is ultimately about people. It is people who live in urban areas and set their individual stamps on the places where they live, work and play - in this context Zendai’s Master Plan allows for the development of 13 million m2 across all sectors - commercial, retail, warehousing, office, recreational, institutional and various accommodation offerings – this makes Modderfontein a prime choice for buyers looking for land for sale in Johannesburg.  The first phase will allow for the release of zoned industrial, commercial and residential land for sale.