Modderfontein Reserve

Modderfontein Reserve was formally launched and opened to the public on September 19, 2012. The private park is the 2nd largest in Gauteng and includes portions of the Modderfontein Spruit, a number of dams, grassland and hills

The 275 ha area for the park was drawn from surrounding available open land and was formalised after extensive Specialist Studies had been completed.

The vision for the reserve is to create, within an urban setting, a natural open space which is socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.

Modderfontein Reserve seeks not only to protect indigenous fauna and flora in the area, but also to provide an attractive open space within the urban fabric where visitors can come and enjoy its natural beauty without traveling too far from home.

Conservation is of major concern to all community members and we are part of this community. This has been taken into consideration and Zendai Development SA is committed to ensuring that a balance is maintained between development and nature.

Modderfontein Reserve is operated by the Endangered Wildlife Trust who are assisted by Modderfontein Conservation Society.

For more information visit: www.modderfonteinreserve.co.za